Bischofstein (Bišík) - zámecký hotel**, Broumovsko


In the midle of picturesque northeast Bohemian woodland is easy to find the baroque style castle Skaly-Bischofstein (an Bishop-residence). Surrounding by hills, humps and sand –stone pinnacles makes you feel of an absolut live purity and peerlessness. Near by ruins of gothic strong- hold named Katzenstein (Cat Rock) and dark water laggon were first came to be called Skaly. And the fact that from old times Bischofstein is a natural cross-roads as a footsteps of pilgrims remains is good till nowadays. Last century reasonably repairs made from old castle without to change an exterior very heartwarming hotel and restaurant. People coming to see us because of hospitality and excelent conditions for outdoor activities such as biking, climbing and treking. Name only few, just behind our gate there are well marked turist routes to Teplice nad Metuji, Ostas and Police nad Metuji.

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